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Breeder of Max -
Hero Siberian Husky Who Saves Owners Life!

I am Kylie Williams of Ukeevea Siberians and am very proud and honoured to say that l am the breeder of Max the Hero Husky.

Most by now may know the story of Max the Siberian Husky Hero who saved his owners life after she had been tragically hit by a car and left for dead. However what most people don’t know is Max is lucky to be alive himself due to the incompetency of a Vet Practice in Ipswich QLD and one of there vets.

Due to the current legal events l cannot go into too much detail with this story. However, if it wasn’t for a particular Vet who knew she had her job on the line but still decided to put her duty of care FIRST .. Rogue & her puppies would not be here today. For this l am eternally grateful as she did not think about the consequences for herself but thought about the life of my girl and her seven puppies.

Without this beautiful soul who did the right thing Max would not be here today and would certainly not have been able to be there for Shaune.


As on Friday 17th of January 2020, Max received the prestigious RSPCA Animal Hero Award from the RSPCA for his actions which saved Shaune's life.

The incident in question took place on Friday the11th October 2019 , when Shaune was struck by a car whilst walking our dog Max. She suffered horrific head and facial injuries and also suffered a bad fractures to her arm, neck, pelvis and hip. She also had severe swelling and bleeding in the brain and was given a small chance at survival.

Shaune spent 27 days in a coma in Intensive Care at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane before spending another 44 days in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit of the PA Hospital. She is now back at home but still under a strict rehabilitation program for a number of months. She underwent an 11 hour facial surgery as her face was completely broken as well as having a number of other complications with the brain during her time in ICU.

There is no question that Shaune would not be with us today if it was not for the bravery of our dog Max.

The driver of the car attempted to flee the scene and ended up crashing about 100 meters away. She had not informed anyone that she had hit a woman. Shaune was on a walking path between a retaining wall and the tree lined street. She could not be seen as the car also hit a tree that had obscured her from being seen by passing motorists or pedestrians.

I was at home alone when Max turned up at the front door panting and covered in blood. He was very traumatised and scared. I immediately tried calling Shaune’s phone but obviously no answer. I left the house with Max in an attempt to find Shaune. Without hesitation, he pulled me along the entire way to where I found her laying unconscious and in a critically injured state approximately 200m from our house. I managed to wave down a poilce car on the other side of the road before they called the paramedics.

Shaune was met by a critical care team including a doctor on the way to the hospital to incubate her. The medical staff said that if Shaune was unattended for another 10 minutes, she would have lost her life that day. The wonderful staff of the ICU unit as well as the police officers and paramedics at the scene, have hailed Max as a true hero.


Thankfully Max was not physically injured but is still coming to terms emotionally and will refuse to return to the site of the accident and is very cautious with approaching vehicles. However, Shaune & Max are both doing well and on the road to recovery.

Now some would say that this Heroic act was due to how the dog was raised and not by how he was bred. However the behaviour Max has displayed is not typical of a Siberian Husky.

Apart from the fact that Max isn’t the first dog l have produced who has done heroic acts, there is also undeniable proof in which studies have shown that selective breeding can alter a dog’s behaviour.

Proper ethical breeders practice “selective breeding” which is when ethical breeders look at multiple attributes with the intention of maintaining or producing specific qualities and characteristics. It is NOT like Backyard Breeders or Natural Selection.

I have been a breeder now for almost 20 years and have been lucky enough to have been mentored by some of the original breeders in Australia. Throughout my time in the breed l have been taught, shown and seen the evidence within my own dogs that “selective breeding” practices do work.

I am not by any means taking away the fact that Max is an amazing dog. However, it is about time that people start to understand why we have ethical breeders, what their purposes are and how they actually contribute differently to a backyard breeder, etc.

As after all ethical breeders deserve some credit considering we are always the first being attacked by government, councils, other animal organisations etc. Even though we have very strict policy and procedures we need adhere to ... yet backyard breeders have no laws restricting them.

Because of this reason I have decided that l am going to post a piece on my facebook and website going more in depth on just how ethical breeders through selective breeding practices make a difference

Again l can’t be prouder of Max for what he has done for David and Shaune.

For updates and more information to come please keep checking my facebook and website.


Dedication, Quality & Passion

Ukeevea Siberian Huskies

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