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Ukeevea Siberian Huskies are a Dogs QLD registered small kennel based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Starting out in 2001, we didn't purchase our first Show Siberian until a year later and have never looked back.  We strive to improve & exhibit Quality Siberians with outstanding personalities, smooth movement and overall good conformation.​ We believe in "Form Follows Function".

We are dedicated to being a Breed Ambassador and to help people understand and educate them.


We are very Passionate & Dedicated to our pack family & put their health and well being first and foremost. We Hip, Elbow and Eye score (including Gonioscopy & X-Linked PRA) all of our dogs to ensure they are all genetically healthy and have no Hereditary Diseases.

All of our Siberians are Australian bred & raised in the family home. Our Pedigree Bloodlines comprise of many American, Canadian, European, South African, Australian Champions and Grand Champions​

We hope you enjoy our site.

Kylie Williams & Ukeevea Crew


Saves Owners Life!

Max the Hero Siberian Husky saves his owners life!



We currently have a few Siberian Husky Puppies looking for their forever homes.



Now has a private Facebook group for previous/current buyers. Please contact me for details. 


Dedication, Quality & Passion

Ukeevea Siberian Huskies

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