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Siberian Huskies are a strikingly beautiful breed but a breed that requires an owner who is willing to invest a lot of time and energy into owning one. Please do your research & read our Before You Buy page so you can understand that the Siberian Husky is not for everyone & you MUST understand the pack mentality & have dedication for this breed. ​

The 10 Commandments of Responsible Pet Ownership​​

1..Common Sense over frivolous emotional desires not to get a pet at all if you dont have the appropriate environment, time, or money to devote to a living creature.

2. Feed an adequate balanced diet & supply clean cool water at all times.

3. Provide a safe environment & cosy dry sleeping area.

4. Provide the dog with regular exercise and allow the pet regular socialization with other dogs, people & family contact.

5. Protect the health of the dog, particularly: vaccinations, regular worm control (including heart worm for dogs & control of fleas and ticks.

6. Register the pet with the local council and ensure the registration tag and owner's name and address is on the collar when the pet is outside the home. Permanent identification increases the chance of recovery if the pet is lost.

7. Ensure to bath & groom your dog.

8. Ensure enough time & effort spent on training the dog so that it is not a nuisance to neighbours, for example, by barking or attacking people or other animals.

9. An appropriate place to eliminate bodily waste.

10. Have a plan for when you need to leave for extended periods of time holidays, weddings, funerals, & so forth to ensure your dog is adequately cared for.​

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Dedication, Quality & Passion

Ukeevea Siberian Huskies

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