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Dog Links
Here you will find a list of useful links to some of the Best Animal Services in Queensland & around Australia.

Australian Exhibitors & Breeders

Articpower Siberians NSW

Bluemooska Kennels QLD​

​Krisado Siberians VIC

Kortierra Siberians TAS

Matrak Siberians QLD

Wolfgirl Siberians NSW

​​QLD Club Links​​​  

Australian Sled dog Sports Association

Northern Exposure Gig Racing Club

Pine Agility Dog Sports Club Inc​​

Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club

Ipswich Dog Obedience Club

Queensland Lure Coursing Association

Brisbane And Region K9 Disc Club​​

Canine Disc Australia

Dedication, Quality & Passion

Ukeevea Siberian Huskies

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