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Backyard Breeder Infomation Explained Easy

There seems to be a common misconception in the general public that backyard breeders are only bad if they are neglecting the pets they are breeding from, and while there are many that are kept in horrible conditions this is often not the case. In many cases it is your family or friend who decides to breed their dog. They love their pets, look after them well and will provide all the love, care, attention and vet care their pet needs throughout their pregnancy and birth. Does that make it ok?

There is more to breeding than picking two dogs that appear healthy. Even if they are the same breed and are purebred.

Experienced ethical breeders will not create unpredictable cross breeds. They will choose a male and female to put together that come from the best possible lines and have been tested in different ways specific to the breed, for instance hip and elbow scores for Great Danes. They won't have continuous litters from the same female. They are breeding to create puppies or kittens that fit to the breeds conformation (how they are put together) and standard. They also consider temperament when choosing a pair. Why does all of this matter if I only want a pet not a show dog?


Because you researched different breeds and decided which would suit you best. If you want a specific breed you want to ensure the pet you get has the temperament and physical traits you want from the breed for your new pets health as well as your expectations. If breed isn't important to you please consider adopting from your local shelter, if you are happy with an unknown quantity then why not save a life.


I like to explain the difference to people in a way most people can understand. If I told you I could get you a cheap pair of Nike shoes for $50 and you agreed, handed over your money and I gave you a cheap knock-off pair of shoes, would it be the same? Sure they might look similar or the same but are they put together in the same way, with quality thread, rubber etc that will last? Have they had the same testing and do they have the same quality assurance? You can't know, because I won't tell you where I got them from or can't tell you because I don't know about the materials used. And what is the reason I did this? To pocket some money. Just like many backyard breeders. Their puppies and kittens are just knock offs they are profiting from. If you don't mind getting knock offs or don't even need a brand (breed) name then please adopt!

Thanks for reading, I hope you can share this message and create some awareness. The best way to stop backyard breeding is through education.

Dedication, Quality & Passion

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