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Understanding Dogs & Dog Behaviour

In the begining ...

We were very excited for our very first litter under our old prefix "Ukeeva" to have starred on "The Shak".
Filmed on the third of April in 2008.

Cast Starring Eco (Jacqueline Duncan), Garry Thom & Kylie Williams

Dog Stars:- Anya & her 8 puppies (Reign, Cochise, Lexx, Koa, Shadow, Kendra, Sky, Xena & Denim),
Dekoda, Harmony, KC, Selene & Toffee.


Copyright © 2008  All rights reserved. . Reproduction or modification in whole or in part in any form or medium without the expressed written permission of the owner is prohibited.

I recently came across some Amazing footage from the "Secret Life of Dogs" narrated by Martin Clunes.

A documentary exploring how dogs see, smell and experience the world around them, revealing insights into the behaviour, loyalty and remarkable intuition of man's best friend


Copyright: Oxford Scientific Films 2013

I do not own the rights to this video.

Dedication, Quality & Passion

Ukeevea Siberian Huskies

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